Assumption Grotto Staff

Pastor Rev. Eduard Perrone

Associate Pastor, Rev. John Bustamante        

13770 Gratiot Avenue, Detroit, MI 48205

Map of Grotto Location

 Contact the Rectory 313-372-0762    FAX: (313) 372-2064
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Send all email for the priest and question to the rectory
grottorectory (at)
Parish Council President, Anna Graziosi  586-775-3228 Secretary, Janet Berger      grottorectory (at)
Organist, Ray Long   313-372-0762 Call to Holiness, Phyllis Bausano     phyllisbausano (at)

Altar Boys, Saint Anne Women's and Home Schooling  Mary McGuckin  313-372-0762

Knights Of Columbus

Seniors 313-372-0762

Ushers 313-372-0762

Gift Shop and Shrine Office (313) 332-4432
 FAX (313) 839-0623 Assumptiongrottogiftshop (at)

ORDER OF CANONS REGULAR OF THE HOLY CROSS   313-884-1121 Opus Sanctorum Angelorum


Sisters  Office  313-527-1739

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